Character Profiling

I found a helpful article on “” about Identifying a Market and Character Profiling. I answered several questions about the ideal person I would aim this at, the idea being that my initial ideas (right through to the final design) should be looked at from their perspective. I need to constantly be asking my self “does this work for Henry?” or “does this work for Sarah?”

Below are my two character profile sheets for the Developed Country Ads:

My advert needs to aim at 30-45 year old’s of both genders. I see it as, the ideal donators will probably be quite busy so should try to find a way to make them stop for a moment. (NOT SHOCK ADVERTISING!!)

Below is my character profile sheet for the Undeveloped Country Billboard:

I need to really think tactically about how I am going to execute this billboard. I have no realistic way of seeing whether or not it works, so need to be quite clever and logical about it.
I have it in my head that anything will work, as long as it is informative, right?
From Abu’s character profile, I think that I need to make it fun and mention that potentially life-altering effect it might have. Would a nine-year-old read a informative, slightly corporate billboard (like the one below)?No. But at the same time you never see a billboard with a load of information or words on it.Maybe I could find an image that embodies the internet & the laptops and serve it on a OLPC plate?
Tricky thing to contemplate -> What would Abu respond to?
In comparison to the “billboard to raise awareness of the internet in third world countries”, creating “an advertising campaign to increase awareness and donations for OLPC and their work” seems like a piece of cake!!


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