Bidoun PDF

This is the link to the magazine, me and Shaun, had to redesign > Bidoun

Our concept being “Perspective”, attracting a new audience from the west. We straight away identified that the type of paper and photography used was terrible and an immediate turn-off. Layout wise, there was no incentive for us to read on, spreads were either entire photographs or walls of text. As westerner’s we saw a massive issue but with that comes room for improvement.

  • We balanced the walls of text and the over use of imagery over a spread to create a much nicer balance to the eye and to greater the experience of reading.
  • We added a slit all the way through the magazine to add humour, wonder and a general sense of adventure to the magazine. This would inspire the reader to keep on travelling, deeper and deeper into the far away world of Middle-Eastern Arts & Culture.

The subtle pay reordering and layout tweaks were all in mind of westernising the magazine, it had to interest us.

In all honesty, I was really annoyed by this task at first. I didn’t click with the magazine and was getting frustrated that our plan to rectify it wasn’t concrete. However, once we had that one word concept (perspective) it all fell into place.
Personally, I am really glad we did this task because I already have a much stronger understanding of how to adapt my abilities in InDesign from Book to Magazine.



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