Developing Ashford: Name, Logo & Tagline

I set myself a challenge for today:

  1. To name my item
  2. Create logo for my item
  3. Think of a tagline for my item
  4. Create a logo for my town
  5. Think of a tagline for my town

This is the post for my town

Firstly, what I did was create another mind map (BELOW), this time filtering down my research even more!


The main things I wanted to work with from this mind map was the idea of it being a hub for surrounding towns. I wanted to try and show the great transport links and really create a centralising feel. (Immediately, thinking about a spherical solution).

What I realised I should ignore, was the idea of Ashford growing and ‘taking over’ surrounding areas. I did a little drawing and it made me realise that the idea of a town growing and growing is quite intimidating and the doodle I created reminded me of an infection!!

I just started, mindlessly, sketching and hoped that something might trigger an idea. The ball really started rolling when I can up with the idea of using the negative space within the capital ‘A’ (for Ashford) as an Ash tree. I thought it looked quite good, with a lot of potential.
I added some signal waves coming from it to give the impression of reach and spread. It looked like a science or space program.
And besides the Ash tree didn’t represent anything about the town!

My next step was to just aimlessly continue drawing. (The apple was to show it’s history as a market town but I realised it was a weak association).
BELOW: The first sketch on the left, second row, was actually what sparked my best idea so far. It doesn’t look like much at all but the idea came from the ease of accessibility. The two bold lines are long, tiring roads and the middle line is a quick, convenient route: Ashford.


I progressed this (BELOW) by trying to link the ‘through the middle’ and ‘central point’ ideas from the last idea with the ‘A’. I’m not sure why the ‘A’ stuck, perhaps it’s quite malleable as a letter and can be used in many different ways, it is also the first letter of the town so for logo’s sake, I think it’s relevant.
I began by looking at 4 points meeting (4th best place to live) in a central point.
I then took this further by creating an arrow in one of the squares.
I then did this for two of the squares, I think this created a real sense of speed and a central meeting point.
I decided to put the ‘A’ behind this and it created a really interesting visual.
I played around with this idea a bit but also went off on a tangent: slicing through the ‘A’ to really impose a sense of convenience. “Ashford is so easy to get to, just head straight through..”
With this in mind I played with the idea of the previous thought: Two points meeting centrally. I sliced the top right corner of the ‘A’ off, and mirrored it.





Top Left: This is the idea of Ashford being the centre of towns and acting as their meeting points. I think it has many levels, the first is that the top right, bottom left and bottom right sections all squares all have their points meeting centrally. The top left section (although obviously part of the ‘A’) creates a line and, along with that, an impression of a direct route.
Furthermore, the two arrows act as a ambassador for the speed of Ashford’s transport links.
Bottom Left: All the same as above, I just created it in negative to see what has a greater effect. I think there’s no reason they couldn’t both be used.
Top Right: All the same as what I said for Top Left just with the added element of an anoglyph, to implement the choice of shopping and markets in Ashford. In retrospect, this may be a little much, in all I mentioned before there was no mention of the market town. There is waaay too much going on now and a logo is supposed to be simple.
Top Middle: This is an evolution of all what I spoked about in Top Left but is a little more simplistic and less emphasis of speed, more on convenience. It looses the two massive arrows and, with it, the element speed and authority but adds a subtle little suggestion of “hey, come on through!”

I think the Top Left, Right and Bottom idea is visually very nice and has a lot behind, but I don’t think there is too much behind them (with the exception of Top Right). It is borderline Visual Effects company though, it might just be me after spending so much time analysing it. It is in no way a toss-away though, I will put it to the test during Thursday’s lecture and if they agree, tweak it.

Top Middle is far more welcoming than the other but does it have the punch and power to yell “come here!” at you?

I think what I need to do is get these all digital so I can play with them easier and see what effect colours have on them. (I’m thinking green might make Top Left feel happier)

I’m glad I avoided my initial (possibly simple) instinct of going spherical to imply it’s importance as central hub. I believe I have found better ways to do that!


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