Developing the Wine Glass: Name, Logo & Tagline

I set myself a challenge for today:

  1. To name my item
  2. Create logo for my item
  3. Think of a tagline for my item
  4. Create a logo for my town
  5. Think of a tagline for my town

This is the post for my item

The first step of this process was to recreate another mind map, with this one I would try to think of new synonyms for the words like ‘break’ and ‘strong’.

2013-02-11 19.29.20

I came up with new words like ‘persistent’ and ‘never-ending’, but the real differences between my first mind map and this one were:

  • Brass Tacks (To talk business > Serious), Glass Tacks (This Glass-Product is Serious)
    Came to nothing in the end, I feel like it was a strong idea but would be extremely hard to make the pun obvious.
  • The use of expressions to explain something that will never happen.
    (When Pigs Fly, When Hell Freezes Over, Blue Moon)
    These might work for the tagline but, as a name, they are just too long. I think, if I were to use these as a tagline, they may seem a little distant to the product because I plan on having no over aspect of the branding related to expressions.
  • I thought I might like to emphasise the glasses elegance. I thought about ballet and swans, two beautiful things.
    I then realised I would not be expressing my USP, strength. I then thought about rocks, weight-lifting and hammers.
    It then hit me that I would be losing the elegance!

I decided that I should define my audience and build my product to suit that.
I decided my two main targets would be:

a) Mums- the thought of glasses that wouldn’t break surely brings a lot of relief to everyday life
b) Nightclubs- imaging owning a London bar or club and not have to constantly be worried about someone breaking a glass or starting a fight and somebody getting injured!

I split the page into two and thought of angles for both as individual products and tried to find a bridge between the two markets.
For Mum I found myself sticking around the likes of ‘child-proof’, ‘family-proof’ and ‘bounce back’. Words that I feel offer feelings of comfort for someone with a lot to worry about.
For Nightclub I thought something a lot tougher and industrialised words. ‘Force’, ‘Might’ and ‘Fully-Tested’.
On one side of the page were words I saw to be quite beautiful & calligraphic and on the other I imaged bold, perhaps 3D, with a metal texture.
I had my two markets. I had my two themes. I now had to find a way that could merge the beauty with the power.
I thought long and hard about this, surely there was a way to find the perfect balance between power and beauty? Suddenly, it hits me and I begin to consider the gymnastics I saw over the 2012 Olympics. These woman would throw themselves around a horse or on hanging rings and look beautiful doing it but the power and strength that they must have to be able to do this in such a controlled way.
This was a perfect angle!
I thought about using a pole-dancer for the nightclubs but this is just a precarious route to take, best that I avoid! I could end up tainting the Mum market.

2013-02-11 19.29.06


  • “Brute & Beauty”
    Quite a literal interpretation of the angle, More of a tagline
  • “The Wine Glast Company”
    Continued from the idea of my double-glazing idea, Everglast. I think the use of contrast here will really deliver the two angles to the two markets.
    The bold ‘LAST’ will really stand out against the elegant ‘Wine, Company’.
    Also the long name, something I tried to avoid, works especially well. It feels confident and authoritative but at the same time it flows and rolls off the tongue. 


I needed now to visualise the idea of Strong VS Beauty. The idea that was a head-runner from my initial logo generation in lecture was the falling glass that shattered the floor.


I thought I should carry this through. I also tried tossing in the idea of everlasting with the use of the cycling arrows. I later realised the arrows looked like recycling product and perhaps it might seem as though my company recycles wine glasses.
I played with the idea of gymnastics but couldn’t find a way to get this into a logo that would say ‘beautiful’. I had a thought, what would happen if the glass did fall on the floor? I ran with this thought: Would it shatter the ground? Would it bounce back? Would it make an indent in the ground?. I had a lot of other ideas here but they all seemed pretty basic and obvious.


 I decided to let the image of the ground shattering slide because it was a little unclear in black & white that it was the ground shattering. It looked like a contemporary spillage or lightening bolts! I heard somewhere before that a logo should work before you even contemplate colour.

It was tricky to represent any sort of bounce in a static image and I am a little hesitant of kinetic logos, I worry mine would just look tacky.
So, I decided to work with the idea that the glass would just thump into the ground, leaving an indented surface. Below you will see a few different ways I tried to show this.


I liked the idea of the knock out shape, I think it shows my point of dented the surface really well. It’s almost as if the glass has been removed and that is the crater it left. But on the other side to that, there is still a complete shape of an unscathed wine glass.
I originally thought about the ‘surface’ being a rectangle but, for aesthetics-sake, I opted to make one end curve (like a wine glass), I am a little concerned it looks like a bullet but this may just be me over-thinking what I have looked at for hours!

Below is my Indestructible Wine Glass’ Logo & Name.
I think it hits my initial ambitions well because it also embraces the idea of the ‘Fragile’ packaging stickers (normally associated with glass) and turns it on its head to say “not any more!” But best of all it works for both markets (domestic & industrial) because there is nothing saying this is exclusive to either or. It is a product that is branded to suite both needs.

2013-02-11 16.52.24-1


Below are some ideas for taglines, I will put them to the board in lecture:

  • When Brute & Beauty Meet
  • Brute & Beauty
  • Brute & Beaut
  • Breaking Tradition
  • We’ve Cracked It!
  • The One Last Glass
    “Take the Wine Glast Challenge!
    Can you break the glass?”
    (I image this to have images of people standing and jumping on the wine glass) 

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