Design Museum Posters 1,2 & 3

Poster 1- Research

I made a few changes to my first poster, I did this because as the brief developed I realised these changes were necessary.
I decided not to shift the image, to cut it off the page. Although the intentional concept was there, the final product looked like a production error. I played around with the grid a little bit to really give the page order and discipline.

 Poster 1- Research

Poster 2- Materials & Processes
I decided to keep a theme going, so left the first poster the same in terms of layout. I did change the content. This was where I essentially made predictions about what would happen and I found myself actually getting excited to see the results. In particular, the beautiful description of an ice piece of jewellery that I accidentally formed was intriguing!

Embossing into ice offers interesting elements of rarity and elusiveness to the wearer. With the user made constantly aware of it’s fleeting beauty they must cherish every moment it is worn.

Poster 2- Materials & Processes

Poster 3- Experimenting
In this poster, I begin to play with my possibilities. Turns out that the paper that newspapers are printed on is just to flimsy to create anything extravagant, so I need to perhaps mount the paper onto a slightly weightier  paper.
Also the plastic bag idea is quite limiting. I thought I had a potentially massive field of possible pieces of jewellery to explore here, turns out I don’t.
For me, it is bloody difficult to cut into and emboss ice. I would need to freeze the water in a mould if I were to create a beautiful piece of jewellery that embodies all I mentioned before (elusiveness & beauty). But this would be changing the process? Would it be worth changing ’embossing’ to ‘moulding’ or ‘ice tray-ing’?? 

Poster 3- Experimenting

All the above will gift wrapped all at the end. This should deliver my original poster concept of a pleasant gift, unexpectedly cut short.


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