My Food & Travel Brief

After presenting my analysis of the magazine to the class, it was obvious I made a good move in creating such a detailed break up and a decisive direction.
The idea of taking the magazine away from the modern world (no glossy paper, no Helvetica etc.) and creating a richer sensory experience went down really well. It was relevant, thought out and (above all else) was original. From day one I immediately understood the brief, I  knew I needed to look past the obvious “the pictures are too small” or “it’s a poorly designed magazine”. I felt there needed to be a substantial concept for me to do this.

It was suggested that I refine my concept from ‘Sensory & Sensual’ to ‘Experience’.
This doesn’t mean I need to forget about the sensory dimensions or the sensual topics, I just need to ensure there is a better reading journey and experience.

I wrote my brief with the feedback in mind. Read it here: Proposal.


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