Feedback From My Presentation

I presented my ideas to the class the Friday before reading week, with the date set as a deadline. We did this because, I have recently realised, I work much better with time constraints as opposed to having all the time in the world to do something.

The idea that I thought held the most potential (Left) wasn’t very clear without me having to explain that OLPC is the difference between life and living. Also my second, safety, image (Middle Left) came across quite patronising. I wasn’t too bothered by this because I wanted to avoid that kind of image, of just a happy child, there’s no real thought in there.
This was a little disheartening and for a moment I was really frustrated that all my hard work, thinking of a concept and designs, was for nothing. But then I presented the ideas for the Undeveloped Countries billboard. I started off by showing the right image and the reaction I got from this one was really encouraging. To be fair the Houses of Parliament were mistaken for a Cambridge-esque university but I think this confusion was a good thing! It took my already good idea in a new direction.
It soon became apparent to me that this concept would work both ways: Undeveloped Countries and Developed.
Same Image, Different Copy.

I am going to run with the ‘Window to the World’ idea (Right) and ‘The World, Closer Together (Middle Right). I think both have potential but I shouldn’t disregard the idea that OLPC is the difference between Live and Life, maybe I just need to find a better way to say it?


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