Fleeting Beauty

Fleeting Beauty

The above image has some colour issues so click here for a PDF Version of it.


I chose this way to present the series of photographs as it is a development from the idea of looking back on young romances, through strips of photographs taken in a photobooth. It is tricky because the setting is not in a photobooth but I think ultimately the idea that the presentation is very minimal works terrifically in the actual artwork’s favour. There are no distractions, so you can really get absorbed into the images and the message.

Through the whole process (Playing with ice, creating the ring and taking the photographs) a beautifully profound idea of what this ring could actually represent began to form.
Part of the Design Museum brief was to justify and explain my outcome in 500 words.

500 Words: Summary of Project
Boards: The 4 Boards that Accompany the entire Process. I made a few changes to the boards at the end so that I could help them to express the final products message. I Thought this was a nice little touch.

I detested this brief at first. I couldn’t connect with the exhibition, I couldn’t grasp the point of the posters, I couldn’t understand it’s relevance to me or my practices but once I had the idea to play with ice it all began to take shape as a conceptual challenge.
I saw that the idea was to find a new and innovative use for a material, one that challenges design through it’s process and purpose. I think I have done that pretty well with my ring that proposes a retrospective doorway that reminds the wearer how fickle life can be.


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