Tone of Voice (Language & Colour)





I found  the above image online. It is a graph to determine what your email sign off says about you.

The Wine Glast Company needs to be informal but firm, like the product itself. I feel that if the tone of voice is too relaxed we may not seem to reflect the strength of the product, if we are too formal we may miss the family market.
I need to find a tone of voice between ‘Unfamiliar’ and ‘Natural’. So Best Regards or Sincerely.

Ashford needs to seem welcoming and familiar so the tone of voice needs to be just that. I would say that anything in the right-hand side of the graph should work but I can’t sign an email, from a senior town council member, with “Much Love”. So perhaps find a warm but formal tone to the left of the graph? Warmest Regards or All The Best.


This next section refers to this blog post.

The Wine Glast Company is a product that is centred around the idea that it is strong and lifelong. I realised through the initial research stage that I need to ensure it is timeless in design and I should ensure a good image of the environment is portrayed. The blog post states that Black is associated with prestige, value, timelessness and sophistication. These are values that the wine product itself is associated to. Brown represents durability, earthness, naturalness and simplisticity. These are attributes I want the brand to be linked with.
Essentially, I my brands colour palette will be primarily Brown & Black because I want the glass to seem timeless and sophisticated but also durable and natural.

Ashford has a wide colour palette because there is a wide range of attributes to express. Having distanced myself from the heavy and direct transport-linked arrows, I am now trying to express centralisation and this means that I need to express an assortment (See left).

My logo includes:

  • Purple is ‘sophisticated yet mysterious’. This helps to express Ashford’s history.
  • Red is an energetic colour that grabs the attention but can be seen as aggressive. I want to emphasise that Ashford is filled with passion and energy but don’t want to seem pushy and off-putting, so for that reason I have kept this colour to a minimum.
  • Yellow reminds you of the Sun, this should instil a feeling of warmth and positivity about the town.
  • Orange visibly merges with the yellow and the red to show the connection between energy and warmth, brightness and boldness.
  • Blue ‘puts people to ease’ thanks to it trustworthy, secure, dependable and responsibleAll attributes that should be included in a town. It is all also reminiscent of summer and blue skies. For all of these reasons I opted to make it one of the key colours.
  • Green means clean, fresh and healthy. Dark Greens mean wealth and this is possibly an off-putting characteristic. Lighter Greens portray peaceful and calm, which would have been great if I didn’t want to emphasise Ashford’s life and energy. That would contradict the red’s and orange’s. I opted for a neutral green to display healthy freshness.
  • There is also a splash of Pink (which isn’t in this infographic, but I found out elsewhere) that it is a youthful and energetic colour. But more importantly, it is ‘sensational’ colour linked to joy and pleasure.

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