Teaser Advert for Redesign

ExperienceTheWorld_Advert_01_02 ExperienceTheWorld_Advert_02

Above are my teasers for the redesign of ‘Food and Travel’. There are four significant points I want to make.

  1. I chose two photographs I took whilst in Gambia in 2011 because they both, individually, embody the two themes of the magazine (food when travelled).
  2. The slogan came from the idea of “how do I summarise the redesigns concept”. Both of what this magazine offers are wrapped up in the word ‘experience’. I thought that saying “for just £4.95” would explain that it is a magazine and, all-together, proposes the idea that it is offering something new and unique.
  3. The logo has been slightly altered. I have redesigned it by simply by removing the lines, either side of the word ‘and’ (see below). This is to create less of a divide between the two topics, hopefully allowing them to no longer be “Food” and “Travel” but one Experience.Logo Redesign
  4. The box around the message is the size of what my new magazine is going to be, 185 x 205 mm. I chose this size so that it is can show obviously that this is no longer just a magazine, it is now something totally unique. I think using the new size as a box, serves as a doorway or a portal to this place.

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