Things to Consider & Planning my Journey

Presentation week taught me two things. Firstly, I am well on the right tracks in terms of having a concept and knowing roughly where I want to take it. Secondly, it taught me, that there a lot of avenues to explore here…

  • I need to decide whether my redesign will be a gallery, showing off all the world has to offer.
  • I could possibly create a narrative/story, for example, a trip (chronologically as it would happen) through Asia.
  • Will it be presented as a travel guide or a travel journal? The language and presentation may be different.
  • Could it be a pocket size so you can take it with you on a journey?
  • Could it then have detailed maps?
  • Will the language me informal or feel from a higher source.
  • How can I ensure the magazine feels nothing like a magazine? Do I change the shape, the paper, the traditional order of a magazine?
  • How do I define a balance between the ‘Food’ and ‘Travel’? Do I emphasise one more than the other? Do they go side-by-side?

All of the above are things I need to really consider, with the mindset of aesthetics and of usability.
I want to avoid any clichéd gimmicks so I will probably not make it pocket size.

From all the considerations above, I think that the redesign will be an informal travel journal that uses a combination of unexpected paper stock, obscure page size, unusual layout choices and profoundly beautiful imagery to take you from your comfort zone and actually transport you to these new and unfamiliar places. This should really emphasise my concept of ‘Experience’.


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