Wine Glast Logo Development


The above logo is what I had shown, the week after presentation week. It’s main points of feedback included the foot at the bottom (one I tried to create a wine glass with), I was told it was unclear. Also the word ‘company’ was hard on the eyes, I should try and find a new home for it. Something that was mentioned was the box and how it could be a little more broken up, but I explained in a prior blog post that I tried this and deliberately chose not to destroy it too much as it needs to be slightly recognisable as a box and too many small pieces will cause difficulty in remembering it as an icon.

01 Logo & Type 02 Logo & Type Horizontal

This is the initial response to my feedback. I removed the foot of the wine glass and it does seem plainer. I agree that that was an unneeded element. I also moved the word ‘company’ off of a right angle and below the rest of the words. It was suggested that I try and keep the words ‘wine’ and ‘glast’ bigger so that they would stand out. When I lowered the size of the other two words they became almost incoherent. I felt like the size was creating a nice balance and ease when looked at though, so I wanted to keep that.


Nothing was mentioned about the fonts being wrong but I experimented with a series of different ones, trying not to create a different feel to the one I had originally achieved: a balance of elegance and strength.  I came to “Script MT Bold” and this one straight away gave me the same feel but in a different way. It was elegant and bold in itself. It is easier to read at standard size and will be far more coherent at smaller sizes. I feel that had I not seen the previous stage of the developments these words would feel beautiful, but in comparison it is not as elegant. I feel this is not an issue as it is still luxurious and consumers will see that, not the previous (more luxurious) stages.


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