Developing Further


This is the next image that I created but I am now beginning to dislike it, simply because I don’t think it is very clear. I wondered how I might find a way to recreate it in a similar but highlight the following points:

  1. Bridges the gap between the developed and developing countries,
  2. In a more visually stimulating,
  3. And has a clearer emphasis on education.

Heinzslices nike-butt-080210-main

Above are some examples of current adverts; below are some examples of adverts that are no longer popular and feel quite dated.

01 5963870650_b4bdd79542_z

I think it’s quite obvious I have been looking at the wrong sort of design. If I want this to grab peoples attention it needs to be current and of interest to them.

I thought about how I could bring the original, dated, idea to the current trends. Below are two of the strongest ways of doing that.

  • I see these working as a full page advert but could obviously be adapted. 
  • I think these work better than the previous attempts because they are far more interesting, have a much better use of space, it is clearer and ticks all the boxes I mentioned before.

20130325_113746 20130325_113751


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