Update Since Last Post

Since I secured a laptop in February, I have been improving my Photoshop skills and creating some mock ups. Below is the mock up I created to demonstrate my initial idea and below that is the one that I created with an intent to use.

Comp 01


The image above is the size of a 48-sheet billboard (scaled down to a quarter of the size: my laptop couldn’t handle processing such a big file!). This was what it might look like as a billboard in a small African town to educate the school children on what the internet might do. My massive issue with this image was “what the hell do African children know?!” I don’t know any or have access to a sample of them and I don’t know how best to symbolise education. To further my worries, when I present a final billboard to the class, how do they acknowledge whether or not it could possibly work?!
These were of real concern for me and I began to over-think the situation and worry that it would ultimately affect my grades, as it was simply a case of it being down to interpretation.

My brief also dictates I create a magazine/newspaper advert and I decided it may be interesting to attempt a series of different aspects to try and understand hierarchy, relationship and layout a bit more. It would require me to understand the more important elements and how I can create a family of similar designs but for different aspects.

The aspects are:

  • Double Spread: 297mm x 210mm
  • Full Page: 210mm x 148mm
  • Half Page, Horizontal: 141mm x 100mm
  • Half Page, Vertical: 70mm x 204mm
  • Quarter Page, Horizontal: 141mm x 50mm
  • Quarter Page, Vertical: 70mm x 100mm

And below is the billboard adapted for a magazine of 6 aspects.

I am not 100% satisfied with the compositions as such but was running out of time, so took all the above (including my concern about the the billboard and it’s audience) into tutorials..

There were some fresh faces in there, which really helped because I was getting concerned that everybody knew what I was doing and that would compromise the effect of the image on a completely innocent by-passer.
They got the concept which was a huge relief for me, it meant that no matter what happens, I don’t need to go completely back to the start.

The image I presented was very different to the original one, in the sense that it was inside a classroom- no longer a baron dessert landscape. I did this to help express the sense of education (again, because I don’t know how else to do it for African children). I agree the image is a lot darker and the laptop does get lost, there is no punch to the image alongside the negative space for the text. Regardless of these feelings, I knew using this image might have to be only way I could represent education.

As it turns out, this module (being “self-initiated”) allows you to make drastic decisions towards the end, so long as you can justify them. I voiced my worries about not being about to know whether or not the advert would work in an undeveloped part of the world and, in trying to do so, it could potentially sabotage my entire project! I would be wasting a lot of time on something I could never say definitively works or not and it was dictating the visuals of the magazine adverts. Adverts that I could sample and ask people whether or not they “get it” and could make a pretty confident decision as to what people associate with education and such things. It made perfect sense to focus my energy on this one alone and disregard the undeveloped countries billboard. The reply I got was “well, why don’t you?” which kind of threw me a little! But it does make sense to focus on something that wasn’t going to be a waste of time and I could, say 100% at the end, whether it works.
Perhaps trying to put myself into the shoes of and understand 9 year old Africans was a little ambitious.

I left quite happy with the decision to drop the billboard, it meant I was freed of the weight and restricts of something totally unrealistic! I could now resort to stereotypes or pop culture and not have to worry about whether or not my audience is receiving it as it should be.

I now intend to redesign the image, more like my original mock up. It will be brighter, clearer and, ultimately, more captivating! I will pay special attention to the combination of the image and the frame it sits within (as an advert).


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