New Image

I have taken quite a drastic path to decide upon a final image for the adverts. Below are the original starting points and below that is the one I think I am most happiest with.

The issues with the original images before were:

  • It seemed to not hit the right vibe. Charitable campaigns appear to all be about the emotional response and the original images seemed too dark and too basic. There was no escaping the fact that it felt like a composition of many different elements and this compromised the emotive response, I feel.
  • There is a personal detachment, which creates a tension and anxiety, over the lack of seeing a person. It doesn’t feel warm enough.

I tried the below image, as it was suggested that I perhaps just ignore what I was trying to do before… What I wanted was to make it seem like this laptop had transported something that represents education and placed it into the scenery, this was to demonstrate the ease of access created by the laptop.
I don’t think this was very apparent in my explanation during tutorials because I was told to try it, like I have below, with a bright blue sky. I opted to desaturate the background image, to help emphasise the idea that the laptop brings brighter future. This seems to be a poor direction to take as it is almost miss-selling the idea, I don’t want it to seem as though the laptops are a ticket to a brighter place, rather that they offer access to that ticket. (if that makes sense…)
Not a complete waste though, the desaturation of the background implies an idea of bleakness and “a worse place” << use this trick!
Also, I noticed that the background has trees and shrubbery in it. I want to make the contrast between the baron landscape and the life that the laptop brings slap you in the face. A rocky, sandy landscape compared to something that is bright and full of life (within the laptop) is the way to go!


Below is the next stage of progression with my adverts imagery. Personally I think this is a hands down winner!!

How does this image resolve the previous issues?

  • I’m not sure whether the stock imagery work better together or whether it is the introduction of a person’s body (not just two hands), but  the image feels as though there is a much more naturalistic element. It no longer feels like a collage of different images, rather a single photograph.
  • The very subtle grittiness of the image works well with your senses to force an involuntary curiosity. It needs to be looked at, I feel.

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