“Access Graduation”

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I decided to make the laptops image a graduation, as I know British people will understand this (unlike the problems that arose when I was trying to understand what African children might get). I opted for 7 caps to be bursting out of the laptop as this is a number linked to spiritualness, wisdom, fixing and luckiness. The laptop is almost like a portal between the two worlds.

In one of my previous posts, I show how a different image on the screen ditattaches itself from the landscape. There is no relationship between the two countries and it seems to cause a distance between the laptop and it’s environment.
I showed it to a peer and he suggested I give the laptop a desktop background. When I asked “why” he told me it would help make it clearer that it is a laptop. I don’t think I need to make it clearer, this advert is going in British magazines and British people know that that is a laptop!
Also, by putting that in there I take away the idea that this laptop transports education into their world..

I’ve made the laptop screen brighter to represent the literal idea of brighter futures.


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