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Pixelink Unite!

The end of the Design Museum brief can mean only one thing, the reuniting of Pixelink Design Agency!
I am both excited and nervous about this. I really enjoyed the group work in Module One, it was a great laugh and the ideas and energy we had as creative’s was really interesting. However, the prospect of four, fast approaching, deadlines mixed with the knowledge of how hard organising and conducting the group was in the last module was a terrifying one!
I am worried that my other projects may suffer, because I remember having to give my full undivided attention to the first project, so for that reason I told the group that they are going to have to be on it. No disappearing for a week with no contact and no “oh yeah, I didn’t do that”. Basically, I said that I am more than happy to maintain my role as CEO but I have lots of other stuff on that I simply cannot afford to be clearing up after everyone again- if I say something needs to be done, it needs to be done. I felt a bit bad as I needed to get a bit stricter and I think it may have rubbed people up the wrong way (sorry guys).

Also, the issue we noticed first time round (with designing a logo) was that with 6 people trying to come up with 1 design, it’s a classic case of too many cooks spoiling the brew. So that is why I decided to split the team into clear-cut departments and create a definitive plan…

Me, Will Ward, Chris and Rage decided to define our concept as “Appealing to and enticing families through Interactivity”.
I set the guys a goal; in a week we all need a RELEVANT mood board to show possible ways this could work. (Be it looking at dickens, museums, any other products programs, whatever.) I thought this might be a good way to get out of us what each person saw this working as.
A week later, we were mostly all present for deciding how we would do this and I got us to each present their board and say what each one is and how it could benefit this project.

The boards helped us to mainly define a style but Will Hill bought in a Marks & Spencers insurance leaflet that was a smart phone with a collection of insurance plans inside. They were all individual and this seemed straight away like a good idea. We spit-balled about a slit in there, so we could decide on interactivity within the inserts, we mentioned book covers and then maybe a “collect them all” type thing for fanatics. The ideas were interesting but essentially what we decided on was a mini information pack: with a book-like cover, interactive and collectable inserts, all individually designed.
The original idea of engaging local schools in a competition to get their artwork featured could be reignited here. Also Danny is keen on having a pop-up insert in the back, but I worry there is a little too much going on with this.. I am going to let her run with it for now and see where it goes.

Winning Idea

There is the metaphorical brain & legs of the operation:

  • There’s myself, I have named my role “CEO & Creative Director”. I am responsible for organising the entire project and speaking with the client, but (as I enjoy concept development) I assigned myself to the creative team. I will be present and responsible for concept and initial design development.
    My word needs to be sacred this time round, we don’t have time for “maybe”s and “I don’t know”s.
  • There is our accounts man (Chris Hoare) who is responsible for organising presentations to the client, so must be present and taking notes throughout the entire process, so he can determine what the client needs to know before we present our designs. His role is no way limited to this, he will be joining in throughout the developments too.

Then there is the hands:

  • The hands is the production department, there is a full team here (which includes Danny, Will Hill, Will Ward and Rage) to contribute towards producing the digital designs.
    Danny, having proved herself to be arty and good with her hands, will then take responsibility of printing and making the product.

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