The Comp

  • So, I have spent the last few days creating my ‘Cross-Ratio’ adverts. I began to form a natural hierarchy between the elements. I was worried that I would have to activity force different elements to keep a relationship and (through this) create a familiarity throughout the series of adverts. But as it turns out, after I created the first two compositions (Full Page & Spread) there was an unspoken rule for how to lay each one out. 
  • I knew that the logo & name should be sat in the bottom right corner and the plea and ‘donate’ link should sit in the left. There were occasions where this rule had to be overwritten, for example in Spread & Quarter Page (Banner) if I stuck to the rule the ‘donate’ link would sit over the images focal point. So I had to use my brain to try and keep a similar relationship, I just opted to split the image into thirds and by doing this I think it has kept the same vibe.
  • Spread is split into thirds with the image tacking up 2/3rds of the pages. I did this because in Full Page it is the focal point and I don’t want to disturb the relationship.  The only one that doesn’t focus on the image so much is Half Page (Portrait) and this is because of the aspect of that particular adverts and it’s relationship with my image. But over than that, I think I have got a good, universal, understanding within the series. I have balanced the focal point between image and text well.

The Image

  • The image took a very visible evolution (see below). I was stuck in a rut for a large part of the process and it took one little doodle to drastically change the direction I thought I knew I wanted to take!
    Capture 2
  • In sketching the image, trying to start the process, I made a rookie mistake. I spend ages trying to create an image without a message, it was like shooting in the dark. I then decided upon my message and this started the ball rolling in image development. LESSON LEARNT!
  • I was unsure how best to express ‘education’ but I knew whatever I did needed to be dynamic and energetic to demonstrate the excitement of the laptops. Eventually, after many hours of torture, I landed upon the idea that I could have mortar boards shooting out of the screen, like a party popper. This expressed graduation and a future and prospects  Also dynamics and fun.

The Copy

  • The relationship between image and copy is sacred. This copy supports the image and vice versa. 
  • I came across an old African Proverb (If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to far, go together) and I thought this really sums up the idea I am trying to sell: The future. It almost tells you that it is an investment and you will be getting something out of helping, something that I quickly realised was key to selling a charity to well-off Englishman.
  • The long body of text is something I chose to de-prioritise. I knew that people are not going to favour to read a slab of text if they can avoid it, so I made the Proverb my slogan, only including the slab of text if I felt it was required.

The Process

  • I thought I wanted to create a billboard. I ended up creating a family of adverts for a magazine. It was a long process, that incurred a lot of stress through endless hours of ‘no exit’ signs, roundabouts and one way systems. (A metaphor to express how lost I was for most of the module). I was stuck in a loop for much of it, with no end in sight and, often, when there was a visible destination, it turned out to be false.
  • And although I am more than happy with the end product, I think the thing I am most proud of in this module has to be the process. It was one that took many unexpected turns and directions, lead to dead ends and new routes, taught me things I never thought I’d need to know: both academic (Printing Specs for a magazine are very precise) and not (The message is critical to developing a concept and imagery).
  • I am happy that at the end of this long and stressful process I have something visually pleasing to show for it and I have accumulated for myself many little nuggets of information.


Below are the final compositions of my series of adverts:

And here are them presented as mock ups:

(Possibly not presented in the most flattering way: I’m not sure they all work perfectly in this hunting magazine)


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