Wine Glast Business Cards

I wanted to make my business cards in a way that would express the company. I came to the idea that I would (much like the company) create something that is unbroken. I decided that I would have a series of cards that formed an image, they would all be sections of an image and would create one strong image.
I decided that the company logo would work best, it would demonstrate that the “company” (the logo being it’s identity/face) is strong together and the product is unbroken.

I thought this was the smartest and slickest way to go with it, but it was mentioned during the lecture that it probably wasn’t. I realised that this is completely contradicting the logo’s smashed and random feel.


I began work on a new grid. I had to extend my memory to maths lessons in school to get it right. I opted for less cards, to create a simpler feel and the differing shapes are meant to reiterate the broken glass idea.
I ensured the nine cards formed a square and I added my calculated card sizes into a document. I then placed my logo within each frame, aligned to the top right, so they would all match up. (see below)

Set Up 01

Set Up 02

This feels a lot more random (like broken glass) and natural (like the company image I want to emphasise).
Card 10Card 11

However, there was an issue… What the heck would you think if you got this as a business card? (see left)

Exactly, not a lot, it is very unclear and vague. There is no clue that it is part of a collage and, itself, represents the company very poorly.
I decided that I would add a little key, to make the client (or whomever) aware that this little card is part of something larger, a bigger picture, that there is growth and life.

I looked at some more examples of business cards to see what I could do for the reverse. I decided to go for a slightly formal, but still warm layout that includes all relevant information but isn’t too busy. I want to try and emphasise the natural and simple vibe.

Here are the business cards finalised.


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