Wine Glast: Invite Concept

I have been thinking a lot about how I can come up with a unique, quirky and interactive way to entice an audience into my launch party for The Wine Glast Company. I looked on some portfolio and presentation sites for how people had created some interactive invites in the past. I saw a lot of pop-up invites, scratch card invites, sliders and other little gimmicky ones but none of these sparked anything.
I then began to think about parties and the fact that you might bring a gift, what if I was to give a gift as an invite? I thought about the shape of a box and what I could do with and then it hit me. Below is a wine box, inside is a bottle of wine (normally padded out with brown paper shreddings).

My intention is this:


It will be a wine box with The Wine Glast Co.’s Logo on the front. The front panel will slide out to reveal one of our wine glasses, a hammer and a pair of goggles. The hammer will read “You’re Invited” and along the band of the goggles will be the words “Just in-case the hammer breaks.”
On the back of the front panel will be a formal invite, giving the date and location, a RSVP slip and a little paragraph saying what the company is about. It will then finish with something like “give it a go, please enjoy your complimentary Wine Glast and feel free to try and break it. We promise you it is indestructible. We look forward to seeing you and enjoy.”

This idea is original, fun and just imaging getting such a special gift box, requesting your company. It also engages the audience to really see for themselves the power of the glass.


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