Wine Glast: Packaging Ideas

I have decided that one of my chosen elements of creating a brand for The Wine Glast Company is packaging. It is something completely new to me and is a great way to try to portray the company & product.

Below are just some of the many possibilities I explored. The first doesn’t say “Revolutionary break through!”, it needs to be more special. The second would be great as a low-cost solution for nightclubs and pubs but that’s boring and doesn’t challenge me. So I then decided the packaging needs to say “this product is something special” and reflect it’s USP (Unbreakable). The third feels more special but it just doesn’t say this glass in unbreakable.

I read that packaging serves two purposes. Firstly, to make the product distinguishable and identifiable. Secondly, it serves to protect the contents: spaghetti would be held tightly together to prevent snapping and breakages, milk would be air tight to prevent turning bad and designed to be pourable. Most other wine glass cases are designed to hold the glass tightly in place and stop them from shifting (risking smashing). It will also say whether the glass is ‘cheap and cheerful’ or you should only get them out when the in-laws are round.

My product doesn’t need protecting. It is indestructible and that is what I want the packaging to say: use me whenever, for whatever. Therefore, do I need packaging? Well, I need the glass to be recognisable as “the indestructible wine glass” so yes, I do. But, I realised, I don’t necessarily need a box.
Boxes protect the product and I have decided to turn this on it’s head and have my product protect the box! Below is the idea I started with, a roll of paper simply placed within the glass.

20130411_114117But then I had an even better extension of this idea!! Why not take the idea of the glass actually protecting the packaging, make it 100% literal and spell it out to the consumer? It’s quirky and original and slaps the USP right in your face!

20130411_121624NetI got to work on building the little box to go inside the glass. It took me 2 attempts to get the positioning and directions of the little icons right and a further 3 attempts to put it together without breaking it!

But eventually I managed to build my tiny, little box and create a little tab for the item.

Below, I have presented the indestructible wine glass with the packaging I intend to be used on the shelf.

Wine Glast 01 Wine Glast 02

I think this works perfectly because it tells you straight away that the glass is trusted to be unprotected, it is stronger than the box and it would look original and quirky upon a shelf. I believe I have successfully approached the challenge of packaging my unique product in a unique way that extenuates it’s unique selling point.


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