Ashford: Business Cards

I, naturally, wanted a business card that would represent the notion I want the town to best  express. Mine is the futuregrowth and togetherness. I had two main ideas of how I might achieve this.

Firstly (left), is a “pull-out” business card that I saw as a timeline that, that when pulled, reveals a growth. It is showing a past and a future, as it feels like it could just keep on expanding.
The second way (right) I thought this may work is a “fold-out” business card. It seems to me, to be celebrating the growth that has already happened, with very little mention of the future. I’m not sure whether this renders any intended reference to the future as irrelevant.

20130412_122912 20130412_122901

I created little mock ups of these ideas, just so I could see whether one worked better than any others.

20130412_123004 20130412_123015

Above is the fold out business card. In making it, I learnt that it doesn’t fold out as I planned. When closed there is a flap of paper (the one you don’t see until you open it) and it has to be leant to one side and, when leant to one side, people seemed to open it like a book and weren’t benefiting from the intended effect. Or so it seemed. I realised that it was still being benefited. If I was to decide and design it so that the flap is always pushed to the left hand side (maybe by a slightly deeper score in the fold) and, through visuals, make it clearer that you are meant to hold it with your right hand and pull out with the left.

Below is my, extremely tricky to build, slider business card. It was hardest to make the sleeve but relatively simple to ensure the elements all lined up (I’ve become quite good at maths during this project!!).
I feel like (if made properly) this would be far nicer to hold but needs a few more visuals to add subtle “instructions of use” and perhaps make the concept clearer.

My dilemma between the two, falls with the fold-out card being less costly and much less difficult to produce. It is also suitable as a business card, as it is cheap and can be discarded easier, without having wasting a great deal of money and time. But the slider seems to express my concept better. I shall work on the fold-out design, to see if I can find a way to ensure the concept works well with this one. If I cannot, I will use the slider for sure.


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