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This post is for the entire process (Wine Glast & Ashford).

This module was the first time I had properly attempted branding, the most I had done before was the odd (quite bad) logo. I had never attempted to build an identity.

I began to personify the product/town. They are constantly trying to impress, worrying about how it was seen by others and trying to be noticed. I think you should treat all brands like somebody with anxiety problems.

I think that once I realised that I wasn’t just creating the product, I was essentially creating a personality, the process really came alive.
I had most fun with the openly friendly and wacky Ashford re-brand. Once I decided on the logo the characteristics of the town emerged. They were fresh and had a lot of range.
The Wine Glast Company, however, seemed very formal and I was worried about letting myself go too much with it, just in case it compromised the product’s (and the brand’s) strength.
To personify the two projects further: the Ashford re-brand was an art student and the Wine Glast Company, your typical Law student.

I think that is why I felt like I had more range in terms of artefacts for Ashford. I created mugs, bags and other things I didn’t even consider for the WG co. However, the things that I did create for the WG co. had far more consideration and depth behind them than anything I made for Ashford.
Ashford was a lot about getting the fun side of the town out there, let everybody know it’s a convenient and fresh place to visit. Whereas, the WG co. really wanted to reach a specific market and reach it well.
The mug, the bag and the car were all very much a case of sticking the pretty shapes on something. And I realise this is undermining what I am handing in (for a degree!!) but I think this taught me a valuable lesson (which hopefully compensates for my previous undermining).
Ashford certainly was a case of “sum over substance”, I didn’t realise it until now but “fresh” and “fun” are quite hollow themes to express. The WG co. had depth in it’s “strength” and “innovation”. This depth lead to a lesser number of deliverables, but far more interesting ones.


Ashford: Branded


The Wine Glast Company: Branded


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