Back in, to Layout

I was, subconsciously, letting Layout for Print slide to the bottom of my ‘To Do’ list. Not because it’s any less important to me but because it is the last deadline, and logic tells me to complete the closest deadlines first.
From the 24th of April to the 15th of May, I have 4 consecutive weeks of deadlines. Wary of the lack of time, I planned my Easter holiday to have at least 2 of the 4 deadlines met (or as close to met as possible) by the 24th.
Impressively, to myself, I actually managed to keep to this. By Friday the 19th of April, I had fully completed Self-Initiated and Branding (Branding may need to be revisited and tweaked but the majority of the work is complete). Now I have 4 weeks to focus my energy into Design Practice (Group Work) and Layout for Print.
This a massive relief because I know that I do not connect well with editorial design and will need to really rip my hair out before I begin to enjoy it. Now, though, I have not much else to postpone starting the project for and can really go for it.

I previously chose the magazine “Food and Travel” because I could see the potential it had as a really luxurious and sense-tingling artefact. I felt like the imagery and subject was that far greater than a £3.95 magazine. The photography could be straight from an exhibition and the articles could be from a documentary.
No. A glossy, digitally enforced mag just won’t do.
I think it needs to be presented in a way that truly makes use of the extraordinary content, remove the reader from their pre-conceived ideas of magazines, take them from their comfort zone and ultimately supply them with an experience.

I had a few ideas of how I might supply an experience…

  • Unusual paper stock and paper size.
  • I hated the fonts that the magazine are using now. They are so digital, it is impossible to loose yourself all the while you are seeing Helvetica!
  • I have decided to remove page numbers. This is to create a sense of adventure and exploration. Without page numbers you have no order, no route; it is almost as if you are carving a path yourself.
    The magazine would need to be reordered (from it’s existing order) because otherwise navigation would be near-on impossible.
  • I don’t want to ram 10 gorgeous images on one page. The rule will be 2 images to a page (4 to a spread) maximum. These photographs are too beautiful not to be giving the respect of space.

These methods should hopefully create a sense of adventure in the reader.
You are reading something that isn’t the usual size of a magazine and then it is unfamiliar to the touch. You open it up there is a contents page. It is a page that literally tells you of what you will find inside, but will not tell you where. You are then sent off, to explore the magazine and find these things for yourself. Never sure of where you will find yourself, one page you could be in India and with a turn of the page you could be in South America. As you venture further and further into the mysterious unknown, there is not a single font that reminds you of computers, nor a single reference to your ordinary life.
Hopefully, the magazine will successfully extract the reader from what they are used to and placing them in a new, curious, environment.


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