‘Easter Holiday’ Feedback Lecture

The feedback I received on my Initial Magazine design. This was in no way my final designs but it was to show where I was at and where I was going.
Things I needed to consider:

  • Page Size
    “Why is your magazine this size?” “To be transported easily with the reader.”
    This made no sense. I wanted the magazine to give you the experience of the place you are looking to visit, so you would maybe have a taste of it or not even need to go there whatsoever. So why would you need to take the magazine with you?!
    It has no need to be transported easily and the fact that it was so small was not allowing me to make use of something that would enhance the sensory experience. Sight is key to losing yourself in this magazine, after all “seeing is believing.” I should try and make the magazine larger, maybe even large enough to shut you out from the outside world? You should be absorbed by it.
  • How Often It’s Released
    This seemed unimportant to me at first, but if the magazine is out less often, you can imaging a higher budget and begin to focus on making them that extra bit more special.
  • Flexible Identity
    Suggested that I experiment with a flexible identity for the magazine. Each week, the logo would be in the style of the focal country (e.g. China = written in Chinese strokes, Greece = written in Greek styling).
    This is something I am wary of. As much as possible I want this magazine to feel unmagazine like and worry this may draw massive attention to the logo, the magazine and actually do it in a rather tacky way. We shall see…
  • Removing Yourself from a Magazine
    Textures and depth. If you are putting blinkers on from the rest of world, how can I make the magazine 3-dimensional and extract you even further?
  • Grid
    The grid I was using was very minimal and arty. I should experiment a far freer one, one that has more rows and columns. This would allow me to be more creative and original on each spread.
    Also, the 10 mm margins are unnecessary. If this magazine is to absorb you, a large frame around each page will counteract that notion.

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