Final Week

Introduction to the Final Push

We started to make a lot more progress, and just as well as we were in the final few weeks before the deadline. We had no lectures on the Friday before the Wednesday deadline, so I go the team to come in and start work on the actual production. We all knew what we wanted to do but hadn’t actually started it yet.

This was what I showed when the boys met 2 weeks before: original net. It was modern but seemed to be a little lacklustre.



We worked on it and thought we wanted a modern style with homages and throwbacks to the 18th century. We left on that Friday thinking the left was what we wanted. Something minimal but clearly Dickens House. Rage had been working on covers and sent us the right image and immediately we knew it wasn’t going to work! Modern was a misleading and just didn’t compliment the houses natural beauty. This week, Danny raised a good point, the form is modern and the mixture of form and content serves to hit our original marker of blending the two together.

Friday 26th

So we meet up on the 26th and I gave everybody their jobs for the day. I intended to leave with at least the net or the inserts finalised…

To do list:

  • Me and Danny were going to work on the inserts. We needed to have a grid and layout finalised to ensure a constant flow throughout all six cards. We would then produce the inserts.
  • Will Ward was accompanying us in the inserts by finding and editing the images we would be using. He chose black and white, with a black background and to go within an oval. This helped tie all the cards together.
  • I asked Will Hill to draw our own image of Dickens. Using one from the internet seemed lazy and unprofessional and, after all, this is design PRACTICE!
  • Chris was producing wallpapers, borders and picture frames. Generally ensuring we had personal touches for the inside and out of the programme. 
  • Rage was working from home, sending us his attempts at covers. This was a little frustrating because, him being so far away, meant he wasn’t really in the loop. It was tricky for him know keep up with the random and impulsive decisions we were making together. Still, his last two styles (below, 2 left) did inspire the final cover productions so it wasn’t all bad!
  • Design needed starting on the box. < I would start this Saturday morning
  • I was kind of overseeing everything, not sat down on one thing for too long and what I saw was the most productive piece of Pixelink I had seen in a while!

Below is what we had produced by the end of the day. These are the reverse sides of the six cards that will go inside the programme. On the other side (the front) will be Will Hill’s book covers. I think these look great! The relationship between them all is fantastic, they all tie together, they all relate and the information is all clear.


When we left on the 26th we still need the box completing, but we had a clear and precise idea of what it would require so I would just need to produce it. We needed a primary and secondary font finalised and they would need integrating into the finished inserts. Will Hill just needed to resize his ‘book- cover’ inserts and Chris would start work on a presentation (slides and key points to talk about).

Saturday Morning

I was waiting for Rage to find fonts but, aware of the lack of time and him maybe not being 100% of what we needed because he wasn’t there on the Friday  I just went ahead and begun to look for them myself.
I narrowed it down to the below fonts and in the end the majority chose ‘Belshaw’ as the header text and ‘MoolBoron’ as the body text. Danny and Chris were going to look at making ‘Belshaw’ a little more legible. The S’s and E’s seemed to be an issue where they touched, but we liked the style more than anything we’d seen so far.
Even this was an effort! One font trying to be satisfy six people was a nightmare, so I chose the one the most people wanted. Otherwise we would have just going around in circles for days!



I told the group that we need to remember the first part of the module, in which we became an agency and had a philosophy: to bridge digital and manual worlds. We should bare that in mind when creating this programme as it may work as a stand alone item but will fail as an item Pixelink can have ownership over.
So for this reason Will Hill drew us this awesome image of Dickens. Paired up with Chris’ bow wallpaper, it looked even better!

Finally we begun to get some visuals and the programme soon came to life!

Saturday was busy one too! I was glad to see almost everybody up early to start work on it all and it was really helpful to be able to chuck things up on the Facebook group and get an almost instant response to it. I was helping Will Hill to resize the fronts of the inserts and Danny was helping me chose a font and everyone was pitching in to the constant stream of covers I was producing.
Below are the covers I put on the group.

And this is the favourite cover integrated into the production of the net, the style everybody agreed on on the Friday. I need to add a little text, possibly the retouched font but definitely some bleed and crop marks.


To be fair, the final piece is not a million miles away from what I showed two weeks ago (original net).


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