Ashford: Revisions

Logo During my presentation to the class, it was suggested that I revisit the logo. This was a little annoying as this meant I would eventually need to revisit every thing I have created! The logo was apparently not clear. It was too up in the air in terms of solid concept.

Ashford- Rebrand Logo

I personally liked the idea of these towns all being joined together somehow representing unity and community. The colours and range of shapes represent variety once you are there. And the loop holding them all together is Ashford, containing this community and variety. The message really is just saying “Ashford contains community and variety” The issue was specifics. Why are these shapes the way they are? Why are these the colours you have chose? And to be fair I hadn’t given this much thought. The shapes don’t directly represent a map but the colours didn’t all necessarily  mean something. The idea was never to do this. I just wanted the It was suggested that I redo the logo, perhaps paying attention to external links in. This made sense to further enforce one of the points I wanted to in my branding: convenience  However, I could see no aesthetically pleasing way that I could include these and by adding this extra element I am only further complicating the logo. Once the logo was confirmed 100% I should then revisit all my elements of the brand and ensure they keep in line with the logo. I was told that I should give the shapes on each element more of a purpose.


This is where the revisit to the logo took me. I personally think it feels like a step in the wrong direction. It looks like the stage before the logo I have been using!

I get that it re-enforces the idea that Ashford (“a”) is the thing that contains the variety and community, but the straight lines on the “a” in no way feel like access roads. I tried pulling them out or extending them and this compromised the legibility. Personally I feel as though the loop in the original logo is obvious that it is representing Ashford. It is one continuous, unbroken loop. It is strong, at the centre and clearly the focal point of the logo. Underneath it says “Ashford” so I feel as though it is only fair to assume you would make this association easily. The above logo, with the “a” introduced a meaning to the shapes (a letter) and I feel like this extracts that element of interpretation and is ruining the whole purpose and beauty of the logo. I don’t want to, but I feel as though I should just leave the logo as it was. I felt it hit the marks I wanted it to and the idea of adding “roads” to recreate the new ring road just over complicates it and removes the one thing it undisputedly has going for it: it’s abstractness and openness to your own interpretation. It may have almost become slightly artistic in that sense?

What Now? Logo & It’s Concept

I decided that since the revisited logo doesn’t work, I should refine the rest of my elements to further serves the existing logo. I am sticking with my original logo now that I have clearly defined it to say “Ashford contains community and variety”. I think the rest of the brand should re-enforce this idea.Ashford Contains…” is my new concept. It clearly derives from what I wanted to say before, about convenience and variety, but has a lot more wiggle room and one definitive outcome for the visuals. It should no longer be a mess of random shapes.

Email Sign Off

Below is my revisited Sign Off. There is a colourful loop (Ashford) and contained within this loop is the information. I decided not to use the town’s name here as the loop is representing “Ashford”, perhaps just in a different language. This is furthering on from the idea of it being open of interpretation.

Signoff 02


Letterhead 01 Letterhead 02

Rather upsettingly, the watermarked logo was not a hit! I was sad to let it go but when the words “very much 90’s design” I knew it was time to part.

ID Badge

The Original ID Badge had a square photo but the question was asked “why is it square?” and immediately I realised I was missing a trick!
I also removed the gorgeous watermark, to keep in theme with the letterhead. I replaced it with my “smaller uses” logo.
Visually, it is much more current and I think the 90’s watermark was the thing that was holding it back. Reluctantly, it was a good call to remove it.

ID Badge Artwork ID Badge 03

Car Decals

I just thought it best I revisit my car decals, simply to reenforce the new concept of “Ashford Contains…”
It seems I added a belt to the car and this acted, as the loop does in my logo, as Ashford. It contains the variety and the communities of shapes.
This is good because now that constant theme of communal shapes being held together and connected by “Ashford” is running through all of the elements.

Yaris Decal-01


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