Wine Glast: Revisions

I presented my Wine Glast work to the class and, for the most part, it was very successful. There was a lot of positive feedback about the strong thought behind the launch invite, packaging and business cards. However, as expected, there were a few tweaks to be made.
I have shown them below:

Email Sign Off

There were some issues, here, with the hierarchy. I hadn’t noticed it until it was mentioned. But the words “Phone”, “Email” and “Web” were very much a distraction. The wide kern and upper casing were creating something the eyes naturally drift to.
To resolve this, I made the “Have a great day!” larger, so it became part of the “Luke Sutton Creative Director” section. It now feels more like a sentence, rather than 3 separate lines of text.

I also removed the words “Phone”, “Email” and “Web” because, as pointed out to me, nowadays 11 digits, an “@” sign and “” are pretty much universally recognisable. The “Phone”, “Email” and “Web” were not needed!

Email Sign Off 02 Email Sign Off 03


There was an problem with the fonts I was using for the letterhead. I was using the letterhead I created at the start of the project, before I had decided to only use “Script MT Bold” and “Helvetica”. The senders information was still using another font and this was pointed out to me, so I changed it. Simple.

Letterhead 01 Letterhead 02


I went in with the explanation ready. I told of how everybody’s wine glasses are on the top shelf, to protect them, but now they don’t need protecting you can put more important things up there. I thought this was a solid concept because every single house I have ever been in has done this.
However, the majority of that room were freaks and did not do this! It made the whole concept redundant and ruined that part of the presentation. Luckily I had shown some of my other concepts before that and they really liked one of the other ones I had done.

Final Mock Up

The idea that attracted the majority of the interest was “You’ll Never Break It.” This idea derived from the idea of strength in resilience to stress. I begun to think about torture and will power. The idea trying to “break” someone really brought the two ideas together. Looking back to that blog pose, I never actually stated a reason for not using it! I think the only possible reason that I didn’t follow it up was because I didn’t like the style very much. I couldn’t see it being produced as imagery without it looking ridiculous.
It was pointed out to me that I set myself the task of the concept and mock up stage, so the final imagery wouldn’t need producing!


I took this image (left) and begun working on making it more presentable.

I wanted to make the imagery fun to look at but also portray the message of resistant to pain and stress. There was a fine balance to getting both opposing feelings across.
I think I found a compromise. The images really aren’t meant to be fun (torture isn’t fun so why should I be portraying this?). In the end I decided they would be interesting to look at. The point is not to make you roar with laughter, it is to have you take second glances and find it mildly amusing. The imagery needs to be interesting enough for that second look, because upon that second look you will begin to see that the wine glass is incredibly tough!

I think the below images work well because they do require a good few takes to understand. The relationship between the image and slogan is unclear at first but the image is tantalising enough to make you want to understand it.


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