Ashford: Brand Guidelines

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Trying to figure out how I can best present the guidelines for Ashford, I happened across the idea of a brochure. The kind of brochure you might find stacked on the shelves of tourism office.
I figured that the idea of the rebrand was to attract tourism so this seemed fitting. Looking inside a tourist brochure, you will see there is not a lot of room and the majority of the space is taken up by imagery.
I quickly realised that there may be a better way. of which to approach the brand guidelines.
Rather than a tourism brochure, why don’t I lay it out like a travel guide!? There would be so much more room for text and it would still feel like what it is meant to mimic.
There are two instantly recognisable companies that specialise in travel guides and their styles are also recognisable. “Lonely Planet” and “DK’s Eyewitness Travel”.

Lonely-planet-China-Book-Guide 9781405367943H

Lonely Planet may be the bigger company but I still feel that Eyewitness Travel has the more recognisable cover that would be easy and fun to imitate. The Lonely Planet covers are rather bland and, if you remove the logo, not memorable.

I based my designed upon the familiar look of the ‘Eyewitness Travel Guides’ and, like the Wine Glast Co.’s guidelines, I almost wanted to mimic it so that the irony and humour is allowed through.

You can download the ‘Ashford Re-Brand Guidelines’ here!

It is very similar, externally, to the existing travel guides and I thought this was an amusing way to portray a tourist spot’s guidelines- in a travel guide. Inside, it isn’t a million miles away from what you would get inside one of these travel guides.
I think the choice to go for a guide and not a brochure was much better because it meant I could make it very wordy and it would still feel like the thing I was mimicking.


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