Wine Glast: Brand Guidelines

I had very little time to create a brand guidelines document. I settled down for a day of Branding on Monday, with the intention of having both updates that needed to be made after my presentation completed and both brand guideline documents completed. It is now Tuesday morning, I was up at 730 to finish of the Wine Glast Brand Guidelines and send it to the printers. Today, I need to do the guidelines for Ashford and make the necessary changes (made during my presentation to the class).

This blog post is to explain the thought and decisions behind my Wine Glast Brand Guidelines…

I was thinking about a creative way to best present the information I had collated for how to correctly brand The Wine Glast Co. I was thinking about perhaps printing it on a 3-dimensional box but this felt a little lazy as I have really followed that theme throughout the entire project (of boxes and packaging). I felt I should try something new and then I thought about my launch party invite and the special wine box. This lead me to think about wine lists, something that crossed my mind for the invites but just didn’t seem elaborate enough for that particular job. However, for this it seemed perfect.

I did a quick Google search and a pattern began to emerge. So, below is the inspiration that lead the designs of my wine list brand guidelines…

I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to create a carbon copy of one or just create a completely new wine list design. In the end I realised that I am trying to replicate the wine list and therefore it should remind people of them. So, I decided to choose 3 or 4 different elements of some existing wine lists and merged them into one generic looking wine list.

Download The Wine Glast Company’s Brand Guidelines here!
Below is an image of the wine list inspired brand guidelines.
I have sent them to be printed on the same card that you would find a business card on, this should replicate a luxurious feel associated with holding a wine list in your hands. The size is A3 and this too should recreate the classy bar-inspired feel.
The information is all relevant and I actually am 100% behind the idea of creating brand guidelines at the end of the project. It gave me one last chance to go over details in small decisions that I made, good for me and for external eyes.

Wine List Guidelines pg 1 Wine List Guidelines pg 2


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