Our Final Programme

Danny worked her magic once again and took the PDF’s we produced to the printers, got them printed and then produced them!
They look so much better than anything I thought we would have produced this time two weeks ago!
Modestly, I think I was a strong driving force behind this amazing turn around. A few weeks ago we had nothing and today, this. I would say I helped to motivate the team and orchestrated a really productive final week. Obviously it is all down to the individuals within the team but I would say I managed these individuals quite well.

I am so impressed with the final piece. This project offered many, many stressful and panicky moments that made me wonder why exactly there are six of us working on this one small programme. As always, it takes to the last day, when we present it and it comes together, that I realise that it was a really great process to have undergone.
For me, this project wasn’t about producing this programme. It was about working to satisfy a real client and getting the most out of each individual in a team and exploiting each of their best attributes to produce something of a higher quality (visually and conceptually) that one person simply couldn’t do.


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