I imagined an A3 magazine (A2 spreads), it would be so inconvenient to hold and would never be able to relax whilst reading it! Just picture the strain on your arms, this compromises the state of mind you must be in to open yourself up to experiences.

I thought then about paper stock and lighter materials to print on. I stumbled across Newsprint (the paper newspapers print on). It is light and far more convenient to hold.
I then began to remember my audience. I can imaging the people who would read this to be the kind of people who would sit in their armchair, on a Sunday morning, with their heads in their newspapers.

This finally began to make sense! Finally the form was beginning to accompany the function!
For a while I had the idea of ‘new experiences’ and ‘allowing the reader to lose themselves’ but I forget who the reader was and how best to deliver the new experiences to them.
If I give the audience something new and exciting in a way a form of which they are familiar they would be more subjectable to the experiences.

So I have decided to scrap the idea of a huge A2 Spread and began looking at newsprinting.
I found “” and they offer a 24 page newspaper for just shy of £20. Only catch, I need to have it completed by 2pm on the 7th of May to guarantee it’s arrival by the 16th,  100%. I could send it on the 9th and it might (most likely would) come before then. I am strongly aiming for 2pm on the 7th, 5 days from now. If this proves unmeetbale I do have until 2pm on the 9th, but this adds an extra element of risk.

Here you will a link to their page and it is actually rather helpful to be working to a specification. I feel it has added challenge to make this work.
I need to consider and acknowledge Colour Profiles, Image Quality, Text Size, Page & Margin Size and a lot more!

Now the challenge is meeting the deadline, abiding by printing rules and ensuring the concept is carried through strongly.
I am very happy that I now have a form that follows my function.


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