Initiating Feedback

I began to put the previous blog post’s feedback into action:

  • Page Size
    My new magazine size is 280 x 400 mm. On a spread, it is just shy of A2. I chose this because I want you to be able to shut yourself out of the outside world, this would help to execute my concept of ‘losing yourself’. I realised that A2 paper would do this but for sake of cost in printing (taking bleeds into consideration) rather than paying for A1 paper, if I just remove a few millimetres
     each edge, it would fit onto an A2 print.
  • How Often It’s Released
    I decided that if the pages are going to be this much larger, it would have a less regular release.
  • Grid
    My grid is below. It is much freer. I have a smaller border, this is so that I can push up to the boundaries and really make the reader feel as though they are really there and experiencing it.
  • Removing Yourself from a Magazine
    I saw the below images in a editorial design book. They are images from Jake Tilson’s “A Tale of 12 Kitchens”. The caption says:

    “It provides a distinctive multisensory perspective on seeing and tasting food… The underlying structer of the book had to support and evocative memoir and a functional cookery book… Also Tilson’s recipe layouts are conventional, eclectic combinations of photos, fonts and ephemera surround them. His goal was to share how much fun food can be…”

    A little annoying because this is kind of what I wanted to do but, hey, I can extract from this example and do in my own way.
    I realise how much these textures form a kind of scrap/travel book and help to create a depth that sucks you into the visuals and I am going to try and recreate this idea.

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