Behancing my Inspiration


For the third time now, I have gotten to the stage of trying to reproduce my ideas in InDesign. I am having trouble trying to escape the rigid structure that the magazine has already, in particular for the news pages. I want to find a way that completely removes the idea of a grid and a plan. These spreads need to feel unusual, but at the same time coherent.

I found some possible solutions on The below links are some travel and food magazine designs. 

I particularly enjoyed the “Dwell” magazine, with it’s acetate cover. It really allowed the cover’s photo the space it needs. It would work great for mine as it is all about bragging about and showing off the photography.
“Statoil” was never going to work for mine, but I thought the busy, eccentric layout was unusual and unexpected.
“Up/Down” uses it’s photography bloody amazingly!! I love this magazine! It feels contemporary and at times not like a magazine. One of the spreads feels like a manual and this is the sort of thing I need to tune into: how can the reader forget they are in a magazine.
“Foodie Traveller” is very, very modern. It is nothing like the magazine I am redesigning and, in mimicking this style, may alienate it’s audience. However, I could extract a few of the compositional decisions, only deliver them a little less radically.
Finally we have “Wanderlust” and this, like a lot of the others on Behance, is very modern. It’s good, relevant points lie in it’s rubber stamp-esque icons, it’s beautiful relationships between photography and titles and it’s navigation. Many of the spreads have infographics to inform the reader of their location, not in the magazine, but in the world. It does have page numbers also but I liked this infographic idea, really exerts the idea that you are actually on this journey.

All the above points are relevant to my ‘escape’ idea but I need to adapt everything to a magazine. I previously mentioned that my function is to help my audience escape and as my audience is mostly the older generation, probably with a bit of money and looking to travel. My magazine’s form shall follow this, focusing largely on how I can relate to and best extract this audience. It will largely replicate a newspaper in appearance.


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