Cover Work 01

I was heading down two routes. Firstly, exploring the texture on the front cover as well as inside and the second was a beautifully slick and mature approach of black and whites.

Neither were particularly winning. The sophisticated look was falling down on many levels because it wasn’t coherent with the inside. The textured front gave away any surprise and wonder inside!

What to do?

exphotoI begun to look at expressive photography and how I can make an image imply what is inside, without giving too much away.
I read a bit of ‘Expressive Photography: The Shutter Sisters’ Guide to Shooting from the Heart’ and it says the following:

“Capturing the perfect horizon can be the most inspirational of all photography – as we focus our eye on a seemingly never-ending sky or sea, we look towards the future and all that possibly awaits us there.”

This tells me of the power of photography. Do I even need to enravel myself in design? The right imagery  could speak for itself? It wouldn’t matter if it aligned perfectly with the ever-changing, internal styling of the magazine. But most importantly it wouldn’t give anything away about the surprises in store. What I need is to find a photograph that uses a “seemingly never-ending sky or sea” to suggest a possible future within.

Seems simple enough.

Then, to further complicate the search, I realised that a magazine of this size will be larger than anything else on the shelf. It will need to be folded to be stacked.
I address this issue in the next post…


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