Cover Work 02

I said before that I am looking for a photograph to use on my front cover that doesn’t reveal any secrets about the adventure within but uses a “seemingly never-ending sky or sea” to suggest the possibilities that are inside.

I originally chose the below image because it seemed to be never-ending. It was mysterious and entrancing like a wanted and best of all it only implies possibilities to contents.

restaurant on the top

Restaurant with a beautiful landscape view (Santorini Island, Gr

However, I realised that the image is one of a very low quality. It would be appear extremely bitmapped in print so I had to find one that works as well but is much larger.

I decided on the ‘right’ image. It is a gorgeous hilltop view of a Greek restaurant but not many questions can be definitive here. It raises questions and, with that, curiosity.
It has a beautiful swoop to support an ongoing and never-ending skyline.
It is the perfect replacement for the original photograph.
For me, the cherry on the cake was that when folded in half, you can only see the ongoing landscape.

I needed to utilise this photograph and find a way to make it work when opened fully and when folded on the shelf.

I am deliberately trying to keep everything minimal here. As I mentioned before, it is about the imaging suggesting a world of desire within itself, and not giving away all the tricks on the cover. It was tricky to find a way for the photography and logo to sit in harmony.

My three potential covers are below:

01- Inspired Newspaper

This idea is intended to inspire the audience’s interest by replicating a newspaper, enough to be recognisable but not so much that it is lost by way of camouflage.
My worry lies with the logo be slanted. Is it going to be noticeable enough, will it be invisible? Or maybe it will stand out or will it destroy the non-magazine-esque vibe I’m aiming for.
I feels very much like a pull-out magazine from the Mail on Sunday. Good or Bad?
Good: Audience should respond well.
Bad: Flying too close to the generic magazine style?

02- Vertical Title

This one is a little more radical in layout. When opened the logo and text is odd, when folded and placed in position on a shelf, perfect.
Possibly my least favourite of the 3, it works great in one form but when unfolded it does not. I have decided to keep it, however, because it only really needs to look good when folded and I think, when folded, it is very nice.

03- Minimal & Sleeve

Without the sleeve, is it not noticeable enough? Does this matter? I think once you’ve seen the smartly presented sleeve and have purchased it, the job is done. You know the magazine name so don’t need for it to shout at you on the front.
I think this is my favourite cover as it keeps best to what I said from the word “go” about keeping it as un-generic as possible and this certainly does that.


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