Justifying My Decisions: Overall Design

This post may repeat a few of the points I have previously mentioned, but it is intended to briefly summarise ALL the decisions I made throughout the development of the idea and production of the magazine…

  • Audience
    I never wanted to change my audience. The magazine’s content is directly aimed for a specific target: rich, potential retirees, with the desire for adventure.
  • Function & Concept
    I really just wanted the magazine to enable the reader to experience this adventure through exploration and senses. The existing magazine wasn’t a million miles away, there were just so many reminders and distractions in there, not allowing you to actually ‘Lose yourself.’ This was my concept and so the function, naturally, followed from this.
  • Form
    I mentioned before that the form would be that of a newspaper. The original idea of a small, portable magazine was flawed. I want the reader to get lost within the pages and, in a way, shut them out from their lives for a while.
    In finding somewhere to print the magazine, I realised that there were a lot of specifications to observe. These included colour profiles, image quality, page size and other things. But the most confining was the compulsory 15mm margin all around the page (unless an image is a spread across two pages). This made the route of ‘minimal borders’ and ‘pushing it to the edge’ pretty much impossible. I had to find another way to express similar ideas.
  • Imagery
    I want the imagery to be big, to suck the reader in. You will notice a large space between text and imagery on pages 8-9 (the one with the stitched fish). This is deliberate to allow the images room to breathe and, I feel, they become much more awe-inspiring.
    The original design had many, many gorgeous images rammed into one page and they were not done justice. They were works of art and should be treated as such, with room to stand there, alone, for the reader to examine and enjoy. The form’s compulsory 15mm margins almost created a frame for these images!
  • Font
    I wanted a font that wasn’t Helvetica-esque, nor a transitional serif. I was going to chose a (quite over the top) typewriter font. I chose this idea for a font because it seems to go hand-in-hand with travel. The idea of a traditional travel writer, travelling around with his typewriter and sending his stories, his adventures, back for my market audience to read on a  Sunday morning. The original font was not legible enough which then lead me to select ‘Courier New.’
  • Margins
    I added an extra millimetre indent to the outside of all text boxes, that were flush to the margins, this was to avoid any printing errors that maybe cut a fraction off of some letters.


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