Living Logo

I wanted to get away from the logo that was already being used because it was like a stamp, with fonts that remind the reader of the ordinary world.

What I mean by this is, Futura, Times New Roman and Minion Pro are all used in the original logo and are all very common and expected fonts, often associated with computers and the digital world.
My concept relies on the reader not being reminded of these things and, as such, I need to change the logo.
I like to think that I’m a trendy guy! And a very popular trend today is something called “living logos” and “flexible identities.” These are logos that are more engaging and adapt to their environments/purpose.
I want my logo to feel like less of a stamp and more of an accomplice to an image.
I won’t completely forget the original logo, after all, it is their identity. But throughout the magazine, if the logo is required I will ensure it fades in.
Below are 3 variations of the living logo, Greek, Saudi Arabian and Oriental:



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