Food & Travel Magazine (Printed)

IMG_1836 - Copy

Get Comfortable. Get Lost: The Perfect Sunday Morning

When I got in from Uni, my magazine was at home waiting for me. I had got the sleeve printed elsewhere and had it ready to go. I ensured that they fit perfectly and when you remove the magazine from the sleeve, it makes a lovely “shhhhwoop” sound. The experience is already starting.

I immediately thought I should photograph it and so I put a cup of coffee next to the magazine, to demonstrate it in it’s ideal situation.

I did notice one slightly bitmapped image on the contents page but this is something I couldn’t have identified until now. The image is a texture and on screen and quarter size print it was fine. Even the dpi was 150, so I couldn’t predict that would have happened.

There is a beautiful depth to the “show-through” I mentioned before. Especially on the Main Feature’s title page, you can see the fish show through and there is something tantalisingly teasing about it.

Below is a gallery including my printed spreads:


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