I feel like I may have compromised a lot of my original intentions. For example, I said I would only use large, full-page images nor have any reference to a magazine or your everyday life whatsoever.
However, there is still a slight glimmer of evidence that these ideas remain. The majority of my images are, the above mentioned, full-page ones and a lot of my magazine is extremely distant from the norm.

But, these initial wants are ideas that were built on no foundation and were exactly that: ideas.

I think it was great to want to create something completely original and new, but in the production of it you see that it may not have worked.
I mean, the reader needs to be comfortable. They cannot simply dive bomb into a parallel world of adventure and be expected to really get it. I can go on the internet and see a picture of Hong Kong’s beautiful islands but am I really appreciating it? No. I am merely observing it and what I needed my magazine to do was to force that state of relaxation, subjectiveness and receptiveness to allow the reader to open themselves and truly experience ‘Food and Travel’.

Ultimately I have had to compromise some of the magazine’s gimmicks to ensure I do not compromise the magazine’s effect.


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