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Fleeting Beauty

Fleeting Beauty

The above image has some colour issues so click here for a PDF Version of it.


I chose this way to present the series of photographs as it is a development from the idea of looking back on young romances, through strips of photographs taken in a photobooth. It is tricky because the setting is not in a photobooth but I think ultimately the idea that the presentation is very minimal works terrifically in the actual artwork’s favour. There are no distractions, so you can really get absorbed into the images and the message.

Through the whole process (Playing with ice, creating the ring and taking the photographs) a beautifully profound idea of what this ring could actually represent began to form.
Part of the Design Museum brief was to justify and explain my outcome in 500 words.

500 Words: Summary of Project
Boards: The 4 Boards that Accompany the entire Process. I made a few changes to the boards at the end so that I could help them to express the final products message. I Thought this was a nice little touch.

I detested this brief at first. I couldn’t connect with the exhibition, I couldn’t grasp the point of the posters, I couldn’t understand it’s relevance to me or my practices but once I had the idea to play with ice it all began to take shape as a conceptual challenge.
I saw that the idea was to find a new and innovative use for a material, one that challenges design through it’s process and purpose. I think I have done that pretty well with my ring that proposes a retrospective doorway that reminds the wearer how fickle life can be.


Playing With Ice

First Attempt: Embossing Ice

This is point between Boards 2 & 3. I have experimented with plastic bags and newspaper (for the previous idea I had about shops). Unfortunately, nothing sparked in this so I figured I should move on and see what else can germinate…

In my first poster I came up with the idea of embossing ice, it had no substantial reason behind it, I just thought it might be cool (no pun intended). When it came to doing the second poster and I had to actually emboss the ice, I realised it was a tricky thing to do. Ice is fragile and delicate.
This is what happened when I tried embossing ice. In retrospect, it was a bad idea…


What I Learnt

It was by no means a wasted experience. The thought that the ice was such a fine and weak material stayed with me. It melts, it cracks, it breaks, it has nothing going for it: nothing but it’s beauty. It has a unique transparency to it and a really sensual feel in your hand. It almost has a poetic sense of tragic irony: the beautifully precious material.
All the above lead me down the route of it being a ‘precious material’. I found myself with the idea of creating an ice ring, or an ice necklace. It seemed brilliant to me; the idea of wearing such a ‘precious material’ and being obliged to really savour every fleeting moment that you wear it. It is almost a live piece of jewellery.

Change in Direction

Speaking with Kate, I realised that an ice mould could be my process. This evades the obvious difficulty of embossing into ice that I found at the beginning.

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Design Museum Posters 1,2 & 3

Poster 1- Research

I made a few changes to my first poster, I did this because as the brief developed I realised these changes were necessary.
I decided not to shift the image, to cut it off the page. Although the intentional concept was there, the final product looked like a production error. I played around with the grid a little bit to really give the page order and discipline.

 Poster 1- Research

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Random Inspiration

I have recently been so uninspired by Design Practice (in particular) this jewellery project. I think it is partially down to the daunting workload and partially down to me not clicking with the topic.

But last night, I was with my girlfriend, we were about to settle down and watch a movie but she decided she wanted to go and get a bar of chocolate. I said I would go to the corner shop and buy one (because I am just an amazing guy), she decided she would come to.
I was ready to leave in 2 minutes, I was more than willing to shoot up there in my trackie bottoms and a hoodie. She, however, (being a woman) thought she needed to change her, trousers and chuck a little make-up on. It would have been, and should have been, a 2 minute trip. It became a 20 minute venture and as we eventually sat down to watch the film it occurred to me- that this situation was exactly what I should create my project around.

It was a “Eureka!” moment, I thought of how I could integrate the time it takes woman to get ready for the most simple of trips with jewellery. I decided that I should pop to the shop and buy some items and contemplate how I should use them in lecture.

After my trip, I settled on the local newspaper (what says a trip to the corner shop more than that) and a selection of plastic bags.

I begun to contemplate the processes I would apply to them. I thought perhaps slicing and cutting the materials but then I had another random moment of inspiration and origami swans popped into my head. I thought about their elegance and the clichéd connotations of weddings and such things associated with them.
This was pointless without the idea I had of using these connotations to ironically contrast them with the common and unglamorous trip to corner shop.

So to summaries by route, I intent to create a gracefully elegant piece of jewellery made from shop-related tat to mock the effort woman put into the most basic of journeys.

Possible names for my piece might be:

  • Preparation for the Corner Shop
  • Corner Shop Wear
  • Corner Shop Glamour
  • Popping to the Shop
  • ‘Just’ Popping to the Shop

Disclaimer: I in no way intend to seem sexist, in my generalization of woman getting ready to leave the house.

First Poster

How do I make a poster worth 50% of my module? Tricky.
I knew it couldn’t simply be your bog standard poster, it needed a concept, so I began to do some concept generation:

  • Definition of “Unexpected”-20130129_101400
    1) Unforseen > Hidden >
    Dark on Dark/Light on Light?
    2) Suprise > No Warning >
    Flashing Light Warnings > Bright or Dangerous?
  • 3) Unanticipated > Unpredictable > No Structure?
  • Definition of “Pleasure”-
    1) Pleased > Grateful > Gift?
    2) Indulge > Sensual > Tactile?
    3) Delight > Enjoyment > Fun?

Possible Avenues I Decided On

  • Unforeseen > Hidden > Near Invisible
  • Surprise > Gift > Gift wrapped
  • Sensual > Tactile > Fluffy or nice texture
  • No Warning > Cut Short before warning

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Unexpected Pleasures: Design Museum Brief

I found the exhibition rather tedious, truth be told. I couldn’t connect with any of the jewellery. I found it all to be aimed at someone else and I had real difficulty getting anything out of it. That being said, I did find “Hardcoded Memory” fascinating.
I wasn’t sure if we could choose anything from the exhibition or whether it had to be from just the First Floor, so to play it safe I didn’t choose Hardcoded Memory.

My chosen items from the Unexpected Pleasures Exhibition:

My sketches of them:

In searching for information, the coloured squares produced nothing! With a name like “brooch” I am not at all surprised! I changed that choice to the below:

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