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Final Development: Censorship Propoganda

I decided I couldn’t see a strong idea within the realms of “Star Wars/Disney” so came back to the “Hitler/Murdoch” idea. The reason I left the idea in the first place was because there wasn’t any obvious way I could make it clear that the Hitler-Murdoch relation was about censorship. I couldn’t find the right imagery to explain this. However, it has come to my attention that I can use more than two artefacts! This is going to make it far easier to create the image in an effective way. I looked into getting as many images as I could to create a Star Wars style. Not in concept, but in the way there is a lot going on around a central point. Below are the images I downloaded to use.

  •  I have an idea of using the News Corp logo on the Nazi flag. We’ll see how that turns out.
  • Also as I was looking into the idea of posters, I thought about WW2 and their propaganda posters.


And this is how I see my final looking.

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Star Wars/Disney

I had another look at issues/topics in the news and the Star Wars takeover by Disney was a massive one that split views on how it would work. That’s why I decided to look into this as an idea.
Below are some existing Mash Ups.
The first is subtle and I think demonstrates the fact that they are owned by Disney really well but the second is poorly made and is just a face on a Star Wars character. Something that is conceptually really poor.

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Faster. Better. Stronger.

My updated and amazing new planner. It’s filled out until the 9th of December, no detail has been overlooked (hopefully). I will constantly be referring to it and will repost it on the 9th of December to show any comments I have made, in regards to failed targets, excelled targets or changes to targets.

Oct – Dec Plan