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Final PDF

It took a while, but I thought I should submit the PDF as the hard copy would be viewed  It was suggested that I use a scanner but this is better because you can zoom in if need be without compromising the quality.

Gill Sans is Hideous by Luke Sutton (PDF Version)


Finished! Finito! Fini! Acabado! 成品!

I received the book this evening. I have included a slideshow below of how it looks. I am happy with it and the guy I was working with explained their delay: he said that it was an extremely fiddly and extremely advanced book. In his words, “I can’t see too many printers taking on such a complicated job, it just uses too much of one persons time!” He did later say that he found it fun, which made me feel less bad about putting them through it!

Here is a PDF of the Book.

It’s hit all the marks I wanted to. I feel like it does feel unordered at times and really portrays ranges in opinions well. I am more than satisfied with the quality of the print and am glad that the margins and page sizes have come off for me.

If I were to redo this project I would create the document with all pages at A4. I was talking with the guy who helped print it and he said it was very hard to print to a high standard.
I suggested it might have been easier had I done it all on A4 (with the content still at the varying sizes I wanted them). He then printed it back to back and then cut it all down to the right size. This would have been easier in hindsight.

Time to relax now!

The Big One: Mock-Up & Designing the Final

Daunting Realisation
After speaking with the printers it really hit me that I need to hurry up! I had spent so much time deciding on a theory/concept and planning but I was around three or four weeks away from the deadline and really needed to get something actually done!

Kicking Myself Into Gear
I turned off my phone, closed the curtains and turned on some ambience music. I had 2 days off work and I swore to myself I would have this book designed to it’s simplest form and mock printed.
This was so vital to do because, speaking to the printers, I realised there were so many areas for error: (the lining up of the pages to the holes, the inner-page margin size etc.)

I knew that the only way to ensure I wouldn’t make any basic mistakes was to get a wiro bind (exactly the same as the one the printers would use) from the printers. The plan was to (when I had the page sizes determined) line them up and see how much of an extra margin I would have to give to the inner-facing sides of the paper. I would also be able to see (to the millimetre) how much I need to add or remove from the top and bottoms of my page to make sure there are no half-holes hanging off the pages.

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Meeting with Printers

I met with the printers today, I would have rather met before Christmas but couldn’t find a time between public holiday’s and my work schedule. So I went along today for a chat about paper weights, binding possibilities and such things.

  • The weights we decided on were 300 gsm (for the covers) and 150 gsm for the inside pages. They would be slightly glossed.
  • Wiro bound.
  • (At this point in time) 24 Pages.

Interesting Point: Avoid giant blocks of Greys. The guy said that they would more than likely come out with streaks. Darker colours work best at avoiding this.

My big issue is going to be lining the pages up. This is because some of the inner pages are going to be smaller. My issues are this:

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Talking to Printers & My Mock Up

I was looking around for some printers in Ashford and have often passed one which I never really gave much thought to what it did. I  did a little background research into them and they actually seemed to what I wanted. So, I sent them an email explaining the project and what I want the outcome to be like and they swiftly replied. It seems as though they can do what I want, they just had a few questions regarding the product.


Distance from Home to the Printers

I told them what they wanted to know (paper sizes, pages, colour or mono, paper type) and am meeting with them next week to discuss things. I figured meeting is for the best as it may be slightly tricky to fully explain what I want without my mock-up.

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A rough layout is now sorted, so next thing to do is decide of a style. I want it to be a style that looks recognisable throughout but one that I can also change to make the reader think “hang on, this is definitely inconsistent.”

Below are a few style ideas I played with, not all of them (very few of them) had a future:

Vintage Vintage02 orange_blue

The paper backgrounds we meant to show that whole idea of rough and not really considering aesthetics. I thought it might emphasis the idea of inconsistencies through the use of arguments, in an argument you don’t really consider how beautiful something is, you just care that it is got out there. But in my opinion, it didn’t work. It created the feel of World War 2 and general oldness, which was the wrong impression.